Night and morning licking of feet and fingers

by Bridget

I have a 7 year old son who has developed a strange tendency to wear socks at night even on really hot nights. He is very reluctant to remove them so I've given in and he wears them nightly. But more recently, he's been licking his fingers and sometimes his feet because they feel 'dry'. What? Has anyone cone across this before and am I in the right place to be wondering if this is a sensory issue?

Aside from this I wouldn't say I have noticed other major concerns with my son's behavior other than a bit if an avoidance of meat. Highly processed meat is ok, but he won't eat things other than sausages, chicken nuggets etc. His diet is high in fruit and veggies and nuts and yoghurt so we cover iron and protein, but meat is always an issue if not carefully managed. He doesn't like change much but gains confidence quickly after change these days. He is bright, social and doing well at school. Does this sound like a sensory disorder or just a weird fetish?

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Feb 08, 2012
by: Danielle

I have a 5 year old dtg with SPD. She will often chew or suck on the ends of her shirts, but that is all that I have seen. However, in regards to what she eats....she used to everything until she was about 2 1/2-3 yrs. She will NEVER eat meat! I can also do chicken nuggets and occasionally a taco, but other than that, she won't eat it. It has become very difficult giving her different meals and I feel like we have about 5-6 things we rotate through. She LOVES her fruits and veggies and would eat them all day long...and always has. She is not a big sweet eater either, but loves pasta, crackers, fruit, and most vegetables. It is very frustrating!

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