No diagnosis, no services

by jackie

Childhood symptoms were deemed sign of being weird, till sexually abused, then was deemed stress related ~ e.g. cheek biting was called 'poor oral hygiene' by dentist, and 'self harm' due to 'lack of confidence' by other prof's.

Having had some of my body's probs with food diagnosed i've done elimination diets and found that the digesting / metabolizing of different foods causes irritating sensations in different parts of mouth, different parts of feet / toes, and fingers, which 'cause' me to scratch +/ bite those areas ~ the less protein (fish, meat, dairy, nuts, legumes / pulses, grains) and raw veg in my diet the less it occurs.

10+ years ago me and my youngest child were diagnosed as having ADHD, but not SPD, even though middle child and e.g. my mum also have sensory etc problems; how to prove i'm not imagining things / that my sensitivities are neurological and metabolic not psychological? How to make sure my family gets proper support re school / work / diet / physical health?

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