No Pockets!

by Jamie

My son is 4 years old and seems to have several of the behaviors I am reading about here. What brought me to this site was my Google entry about his absolute hatred of pockets. It has gotten to the point of tears on many occasions. I just can't fight this battle anymore. He wears pajama bottoms or the basketball style shorts and pants. My husband is not as ready to give in though and it is resulting in unhappiness and I hate to see my son so miserable. I am just relieved to find out this is a very real issue for him so I can show my husband. The other one is the toes in the sand type of thing. This is hard because we live in Southern California and love the beach but my son HATES feeling the sand on his feet. That was resolved with swim shoes fairly easily but I am seeing more behaviors now that I read the checklist that I just thought were his little quirks that we all have. Thank you all for sharing and letting me know we are not alone in the clothing battle.

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