Non-Verbal @ 2yrs

by Bertha V Ruiz

My concern is this toddler's lack of speech. Born premature, this 2yr old male is mobile, has good dexterity, knows/understands everything he is told/asked. Will repeat a given word, gets close to the sound of the word but fails to correctly pronounce it. He's not potty trained yet.But seems so smart, does everything appropriately, however; notions to everything he wants. Notions,will pull at your clothing if he wants you to get him something he wants. Has short-temper and will scream w/a high pitch sound.

To me his is in every way normal except he lacks his speech.

{His mom is sensitive to her sons' deficits so I don't know whether he has been evaluated by a speech therapist or not.

He does have a pediatrician & visits regularly as needed.

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Jun 25, 2010
My son too
by: Bonnie

So my son was also on schedule with everything except non verbal except for a few words not pronounced entirely correct. He was even ahead in some areas. I waited til he was 2 yrs 3 months just in case he was just developing late to have him evaluated. He was diagnosed with a speech delay by our early intervention program (state funded) then but did not qualify for services. So once he turned three at the end of that school year the school system picked him up and evaluated him. At that time he did qualify for services since the gap between what he understood and what he could express was so great. They have served him once a week since and will continue to do so more extensively next year. I would encourage you to encourage mom to have him evaluated. It is hard to accept there might be an issue but as we all want what is best for our children the earlier we get help the better. We are now placing our child in a preschool and wish that he was understood better and worry about what effect this will have on his social skills. My advice~ don't wait too long!

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