Not sure If my 11 year old is really ADHD.

by Tina

My 11 year old has been diagnosed with combined ADHD since she was about 3 1/2. We have tried all kinds of different meds. and have not found anything that really helps. If you tell her something she forgets two seconds later. She lies to you like it is normal and doesn't realize she is doing it most of the time. She can go from crying on minute to laughing the next. She sneaks food and hides it. She has to hold on to everything even old school papers. She chews on anything she can get in her mouth. Has trouble bringing school work home, but gets great grades when she does her work. Likes to make up excuses for things that she wouldn't even get in trouble for.

When she gets grounded it is a big deal to her for a little while and then doesn't seem to care at all. There has been things that we have taken from her for months just because she seem like she cares to get them back. She back mouths all the time, and feels that she is right no matter what. When she is proven wrong or does something to hurt someone she has to be told to apologize, cause if not she wouldn't. She has had trouble in the past with stealing things from people, like pens, pencils, money, ect. I am not for sure if this is still an issue but feel like it might be. She has shown violent tendencies towards others when she doesn't get her way.(mostly younger & friends) She will do anything she can to make kids at school like her but could care less what we think.

She will have really good days then she has really bad days. I need to find a way to deal with this and to help her deal with all that is going on in her head. She is a good girl she just can't figure out who she is.

Please help us get on the right track and stay there.

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Dec 07, 2011
i'm not a professional...
by: Anonymous

but this doesn't sound like adhd, add maybe, without the h. it sounds like maybe an obsessive compulsive issue or anxiety or sensory issues, or an emotional challenge, or a combination? some of these things might even be age appropriate.

have you sought out an occupational therapist (ot) to help sort out some of what's going on? we have benefited greatly from working with an ot with our son on some of these similar issues and we have done it without medication, it can really foul them up and change their brain chemistry, especially at young ages.

there are many alternative ways to address issues such as these. (i'm not saying medication is bad, there is a time and place for it, just that there are alternatives.)

here is one alternative that we have used:

it's a powder consisting of amino acids that are all ready in the body. this has helped my son focus better, stay on task better and improved his ability to communicate on a level more appropriate for his age and the expectations we have of him.

we also have used the alert program which helps teach and implement terminology and tools that help children recognize and regulate their emotions and behaviors and thoughts better.

there are many wonderful resources out there. and perhaps reading the book, Raising Your Spirited Child would provide some useful ideas, tips and insight for you. :) It's a great book. Also, the Out of Sync Child is helpful if you think she has some sensory overlap to what's going on.

Good luck. It can be a difficult journey, but we love our children and have to advocate for them until they can do it themselves.

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