Not sure if my son has this

by Andrew's Mom

I've been reading all the stories here and there are so many things that are the same with my son. Andrew is a twin and has always been quite a bit different than his twin sister.

I had always been worried about Autism or something as he would never look at me when I called his name. He wouldn't look me in the eyes when I held him to my face. I knew he could hear as he would startle on loud noises. He wouldn't talk and couldn't crawl at about a year so MRDD had a person come out to work on that and then we realized he had sensory issues.

He wouldn't stick his hands in foam, hated his socks off, and wouldn't touch his cake at his first birthday. Well, he is 2 now and he's talking and walking and the MRDD lady thinks all is okay. He has ALWAYS gagged on food. I've told everyone this along with touching things and he also takes a stick and walks all over the house touching things with it. Outside he runs it along every single sidewalk crack over and over and over. He won't let me brush his teeth-I have to forcefully do it.

I don't know if all this is just normal and I'm overreacting as the dr's think it's normal I guess?? The thing I searched for and found this site is that he has started throwing tantrums and cries forever (at least 45 minutes or more) for the slightest thing and most of the time I can't figure it out. I'm going crazy!

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Dec 20, 2008
Not sure...
by: Gina

Sounds to me like he does have sensory issues. My son shares some of the same behaviors as yours. OT definitely helps! Good luck!

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