by Jamie

I am concerned about things that I do and wanted see if anyone can help.

First I can't eat with a fork that has bent prongs

Second I can't eat my salad, my mreal, and my desert with the same silverware

Third if there is water spots I can't use a glass or silverware

Fourth I can't drink anything at a restaurant without a straw

Fifth I can't eat anything that has touched the other food on the same plate

Sixth I can't eat bananas because of texture I will throw up, Jello, pudding, kiwi

Seventh I can't eat any food that has an odd name (ex. Asparagus, cauliflower, eggplant)

Eight I can't eat any type of casserole

Nine I can't eat buffet

Ten I can't stand the texture and taste of hamburger meat

Eleven I can't eat beside someone that I can hear chew

Twelve I can't eat eggs because of their texture

Those are just a few

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May 02, 2021
by: Anonymous

since most of your symptoms are to do with food its probably a disorder called AFRID its a sensory eating disorder and it makes you anxious to eat food that aren't the right texture and your very specific with brands of food colours etc however this disorder usually co-occurs with things such as OCD and SPD so it could be all three

Jun 30, 2018
SPD or OCD response.
by: Patrick Meehan

If you want to know what I think, I think what your dealing with is mostly SPD. Since you have from what you said to have trouble with people chewing loud as well as the food texture intolerance, that to me would sound like SPD.

As for say other things like you not being able to eat foods with weird names, that imo would be OCD. Now I am now doctor or specialist, but I can tell you based on my personal experience over my lifetime that that could be possible from what I said above that's what your dealing with. I hope this helps.

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