Of Course it's Real

by Ady Mala
(Lynbrook, NY)

I believe this is in fact a real disorder, that can often be mis recognized as ADHD.

As a parent on the subject, I can only speak about my experience, and that as it relates to my own 5 year old who is learning to cope and thrive w/SPD.

In effect I think we all have some form of SPD. I call it the Ricochet Rabbit; where you have a million things running through your mind at the same time and sometimes you have to take a moment to get focused on the task that needs to be accomplished at hand.

I also believe it can be related to the hustle and bustle, going on on our everyday lives.
The world, technology, and most importantly the increased expectation on a students academic achievement, have thrust us into an era, where children and young adults are expected to meet these expectation with lightning speed, because we finally realize as a society that these are the tools that will help our future generations succeed.

It puts an increased pressure from on the educational system, and now that the long overdue doors of child therapist, work more in conjunctions with the educational system, we are able to identify those children that need a little help meeting this expectation and making this transition without the unnecessary stress and pressure.

I am truly blessed that a teacher and mother of a special needs child identified the special sensory needs my child was having in school. This explained the emotional reactions and frustrations she was having at home, and brought light to the guilt and pain as a parents myself and my husband experienced seeing our daughter this way.

Now my daughter gets OT 2x's a week in school and is a thriving Kindergartner in a highly regarded Charter school.

And she would kill me if I did not mention that she is ALWAYS on GREEN at Evergreen Charter school. (The color monitors their daily progress Green being the best).

Who knows where we would be w/o this being properly identified as SPD.....

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