Oh my??!!

by Alana

It's so confusing and frustrating to know that there is something going on with your child and not being able to pin point it. My son just turned 5 this week, but going on almost 3 years we have had the worst possible problems with him.

My pediatrician finally referred me to a specialist a few months ago after i scheduled an appointment with her for myself and just broke down.

I have kept a diary of every action, reaction and behavior of his for going on three years and for the life of me nothing has started to work or make sense. The final straw was having to call the squad for my 2 year old daughter when her brother knocked her out.

We have been seeing he specialist now for 3 months, and have gotten no where. We have been going every Thursday morning for 3 months and he acts out so much while we are there that we haven't gotten anywhere. He'll sit in the office and scream at the top of his lungs for the entire hour and a half that we are there. He bit the therapist, got on her desk kicked things off of it... I'm beginning to think that there is no hope. the specialist wants to do testing on him ... but he is being so uncooperative that we have been unable to get anywhere with this.

She printed off this entire site for me and asked me to go through things, also gave me information on autism, aspergers, and adhd, and took my diary of him for her reading in hopes to get somewhere. I'm reading through all of these sites and just getting more and more worried because all of it fits. ALL of it fits. I have no idea what to do or where to go next and I really am losing hope.

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Aug 14, 2009
Keep trying
by: Anonymous

I live in a rural area where there just isn't alot of help without an over nite trip. I just keep trying everything... weighted shoulder toys, yoga balls, ear plugs, mini marble mazes, silly putty, foam craft pieces, pipe cleaners, etc. In my last two years of trying every thing Ive found that different things work at different times. I also make sure that my son knows that when I get angry or frustrated with the way that he is acting it is just that. I love him very much but I don't like the way he acts, or the choices that he makes.

Aug 12, 2009
my life exactly
by: shelly

Just so you know and don't feel alone, as I sometimes do, I too am dealing with the exact same thing in my now 6 year old daughter. Diagnosed with SPD at 4, PDD at 5 and ADHD all the while. Nothing fits exactly although the sensory disorder gets worse by the day. The summer school kicked her out, the OT can hardly figure it out, she can't handle sounds, activity, anything - she barely got through Kindergarten. She is aggressive, can't be around her brother without hurting him (maybe intentionally, maybe not). We have tried ADHD drugs, they don't work with her chemistry. Tomorrow we finally go to a Psychiatrist. I feel as though I might lose my mind. I just feel so badly for my poor daughter.... I need to know I'm not alone in this.

Aug 10, 2009
if the shoe fits...
by: Ericka

I will say first that my son did not have the behavior issues you describe...my son's Aspergers manifests in a deep desire to follow the rules....but I think you do know where to go with this next! You said you are reading all of this, and that it fits. If it fits, then you just need to get a diagnosis and get a good occupational therapist.

You mention therapy-but what kind of therapy? Sensory issues come first. I think I am right that if a child has sensory needs, you have to meet those needs before you can modify the behaviors you would like to change. -hth, Ericka

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