OMG says it all

by Amy
(East Haddam, Ct)

Since my daughter was 2, I knew something was a bit different with her. I ran a home daycare so I was able to observe other children of her age but when I brought this to other people's attention ( including DR's ) they told me I shouldn't compare my child with other children because they all develop differently.

My concerns continued through her kindergarten and first grade as well. Each meeting begging for some guidance from the teachers. I knew what I knew! and dammit someone was going to listen!

I went to a new pediatrician who thought it may be ADHD (I knew it wasn't but figured well somebody agrees that something is up) who then demanded that the school evaluated her for this.

Finally with DR note in hand they agreed and did an evaluation but wasn't sold on the idea of ADHD either. I then got a child advocate who told me that my rights were not being met to properly have her diagnosed.

The school sent me to a neurologist who spent 10 minutes with her, asked her 3 questions and said she was borderline retarded and the best I could hope for was that she gets into a assisted living home when she gets older! This child played violin at the age of 5 and has a memory like a GPS!

Went back to pediatrician who wanted a neuro psych eval. School refused, I got a child advocate lawyer who scared them enough to send her to a different neurologist with the understanding that if they had concerns she would then see a neuro psych.

Yep round two, new neurologist LOVED her and off we go to neuro psych who finally after a 6 hour exam said SPD!!! It was never spelled out for me, barely even hinted after years of trying to figure this out!

Ran out and got the book the out of sync child and had my first ahh haa moment after crying for two hours! (tears of relief). So we are now on the road to helping her and truly understanding what this is and where to go.

Oh but hold onto your hat, now my younger daughter is showing very similar signs of SPD this time they are telling me not to jump to conclusions and I may be over sensitive due to the older one. God will this ever end.

Needless to say we are off to the same pediatrician who is not afraid to push the school system around! My suggestion to all these parents... learn how to box!! Fight as if your child is in physical danger, because in a way they are and only you can save them.

Good luck to all.

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