OMG, this is me.

by Kat
(Austin, Texas)

I was having problems yesterday with the fact that my fiancee's daughter had brought Starbucks coffee into my house, because the smell makes me absolutely sick. I think I was looking for something on the internet that justified my sickness, and what I stumbled across put me in a state of absolute shock.

I have problems with high-pitched noises, dogs barking, turtleneck sweaters, smells, people touching me, animals jumping on me. As I read through the checklist, almost everything fit.

I bought "Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight" last night, and am very surprised to hear that I'm not alone.

I would be curious if other Sensory Defensive types have problems being jumped on by animals? I love animals, but physically hurt when they jump on me, and I become overly agitated.

Thanks for posting this info.

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Sep 08, 2009
I've known about this since childhood
by: Anonymous

Anti-anxiety medications can help, depending on the type. Definitely talk to your doctor or therapist about which b/c of the differences in how each drug works in the brain and Central nervous system. Also mood stabilizers and sedatives help. I know all this because I've been a pharmacy tech for 4 years and had sensory integration disorder for my entire life.

As an adult it still causes problems for me. I can reasonably cope with smell, light and sound with a concerted effort (I hide my agitation) but touch has continued to be a big problem. Light touches make me very angry and sometimes violent, I can't wear jewelry for an extended period of time and clothing can sometimes be painful. I wish I didn't have this disorder, it still affects my life greatly.

Sep 24, 2008
Just found out myself
by: DJ

I was talking to my therapist about the extreme meltdown I go into in any "crowd" situation. Yeah, SPD. All my life, and I never knew. Glad I have an answer but it's frustrating that so much of what I see online is directed at children. I'm one of those who was always crashing and banging into things, playing barefoot in the dirt and mud, so animals jumping don't bother me. However, I can totally relate to the smell thing, and have been known to vomit on certain occasions when the smell is too powerful. Noises, esp loud ones, irritate me to the point of violence, as does certain forms of lighting. As for clothes - no tags, nothing scratchy or tight around my neck or I'll gag. I can't wear dresses or skirts, never could. So know that I know, exactly what am I supposed to do? I'm already on anti-anxiety and anti depressant meds. Will those help?

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