OMG! This totally describes several members of my family!

by Tanya B.
(Virginia Beach, VA)

After complaining about my son at work one day (I worked with OT, SLP and PT)they encouraged me to get him referred for SPD. After going to my pediatrician and getting the referral, I just waited for the approval, thinking this was going to go through with no problem. Nope. It was denied. I spoke to someone with our insurance company and explained it my son needed glasses, they would pay. If my son needed a wheelchair, it would be paid for. Why for a quality of life issue, would they not pay. I asked if they would be willing to pay once he had psyc issues and needed those services. I all of a sudden got an approval. He got services for one year to cope with his sensory issues. I wish I would have had the above checklist for him.

Now, I realize a lot of the problems I am experiencing now are on this list. I just thought I was getting "old" at age 36 or inherited some bad "genes". My nephew is experiencing issues and is being considered for ADHD referral and according to the above checklist, clearly has SPD issues! I'm printing this out for my sister to take to his doctor. I may need to be seen also. I'm not sure what can be done for us adults but I'm hoping there is something that can be done. I can't even describe my vision issues. It's like I'm seeing things but my brain isn't processing things right. Try telling that to the eye doc. They look at you like you are crazy! Not to mention not being able to ride amusement park rides anymore. Just got back from Disney and couldn't ride anything! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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