Opposing SPD mom and son...

by Steph

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on managing my issues with sounds and noises while my SPD son is constantly clapping or hopping around on the squeaky bed or banging the wall or any possible noise that I have all but begged him not to constantly make? I know he is a kid and kids will push your buttons no matter what, but we are at extreme odds here fairly often, and it always ends up with everyone involved screaming at each other. I scream at him to stop and to listen (even tho I know he cant always do that), He screams back, my husband screams at me for not keeping my composure... He is SO helpful after all - ALWAYS working and not really understanding what is going on, rarely listening to what is going on not backing me up during punishments...

I am tired of screaming and being screamed at!!!!!!

We have our first Developmental Pediatric appt next Fri, if I don't totally lose my mind before then it will be a miracle!!!!!!!

Thanks for at least giving the opportunity to vent!!

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