Oral defensiveness and hyperactive restless 8 month infant

by Nihal
(Kuwait )

My baby girl was diagnosed with reflux at age of 2 weeks ,kept on conservative measures then shifted to treatment (zantac) by 1.5 month of age

By 2 month she was diagnosed with milk intolerance (started neocate then shifted to allernova formula)

She used to refuse her bottle and sometimes forcely fed !

She kept swinging between accepting and refusing till she started teething by 4.5 month
We only did dream feeding while she is sleeping
We tried weaning by 6 months ..she refused all baby foods ,purses ,cereals
Totally refused spoon feeding

Now she is 8 months ..finger fed by me ,,lumpy texture foods
She gags frequently ,avoid food and become distressed at meal times
She should be distracted to have only a small bite in her mouth
She mouthes everything other than food

Also she is a restless baby ,never stay seated even infront of tv for more than 2 min
She gets bored easily from any activity (singing or toys)
She is not comfortable during car rides (in car seat or in my lap)

She wakes up frequently at night for bottle feeding yet her intake is very low

I am a working mom and desperate for help or any advice please

Thanks in advance

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Apr 28, 2015
food allergies maybe?
by: maria

Have you had her tested for food allergies? She may be lactose intolerant. Goats milk has no lactose. It has a salty sour take so you may want to sweeten it a little first. As she gets older sharp cheddar cheese. Sharper the better. My daughter is lactose intolerant but developed it in puberty. My friends son though has been lactose intolerant from birth so she fed him goats milk because he couldn't even drink her milk because she drank cow milk. Also check for soy allergy. My son was allergic to soy as baby so no soy based baby foods. There is a breathalyzer test if she is old enough to understand how to blow out candles that can rule out or prove these allergies.

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