Oral sensitivities: oral hygiene

by Rebecca Dupre
(Libby, Montana)

It has taken me years to find help for my son, now 16, and get a diagnosis of SPD. Brushing teeth has been a huge deal in our home. Toothbrushes were too hard and hurt him, or too soft and tickled/irritated him, rarely just right. Finding toothpaste that could be tolerated has been another huge obstacle. My son is a "savory" child. He likes the taste of salt. It was only recently that he was able to verbalize to me that "mint" flavored toothpaste "burns"his mouth. He would just say he did not like it. Now we have switched to Tom's of Maine's myrrh and propolis toothpaste and fennel and even using baking soda. He brushes his teeth daily, morning and night. medium toothbrushes are hard to find, but we now have a stash that is just right for him. Never give up! Perseverance has paid off....

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