Oral sensory disorder

by judi

My daughter was diagnose with sensory integration disorder at 10 years old. I moved her to a school that is very accommodating and she has excelled there. she has shown many characteristics of oral sensory problems she is obese at 13 and it keeps getting worst every year if i don?t figure something out, at this time, she will be 300 lbs. i am sending her to weight loss camp, but that is a temporary solution. I really need to talk to someone who has a plan I had 4 invitros to have her, she is a gift from g-d please help! Judi

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Jan 22, 2016
Prader Willi Syndrome
by: Anonymous

Hello Mom,
Is it possible that your DD has Prader Willi syndrome?
Sounds like a young boy I know who was diagnosed with this.

Jul 04, 2010
My thoughts
by: Anonymous

First of all, I want to say you are doing a great job in helping your DD.

My DD is 11 yo and is 20 lbs overweight. What I have discovered is that she does not "get the signal" that she is full and tends to keep eating. Also she does not like protein- except for a few things- so she lives to eat carbohydrates, and when the "sugar" level drops then she feels hungry, even though she has just eaten less than an hour ago.

I tell her to get a piece of gum to chew and wait at least 20 minutes. If she is still hungry she can eat a low calorie snatch- I try to push carrots and dip (which she loves but not always will eat).

I an known as the Food Nazi Momma, cause I am always trying to limit her treats to under 200 calories, as well as saying "look at the calories". And when I am effect in meal planning, my DD does eat healthier and is getting slimmer.

At this age, I think that peer pressure will also help both our daughters start to look at how and what they eat. They want to buy clothes and look good in them. And thank goodness water, and lots of low calorie stuff is popular and trendy.

Encourage your daughter to eat healthy by setting a good example, yourself. Also try to get her to Weight Watchers, you can do it on-line. The WW program is the best and proven for 40 years. This program sounds so old fashioned, but guess what? It is proven and really works.

Good luck. I also say "Look, you did not get overweight overnight. It took years, so it will take a little while to change bad habits and get healthier and loss weight."

We are trying every day.

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