Origin of SPD not hereditary?

by Alan
(Flint, Michigan)

I was just wondering has there has been any link to SPD and exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy? My wife worked in a big-box store during her pregnancy and was forced for a while to work around lawn chemicals and pesticides. We are curious if there is any information regarding this.

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Jun 20, 2008
Could be a number of things
by: Dan Travis

Hi Alan.

Yes, there are many possible causes of Sensory Processing Disorder. These usually include:

- Inheritance
- Prenatal trauma (chemicals, substances, stress, dehydration, malnutrition, etc.)
- Prenatal Stroke or illness
- Premature labor/premature birth
- Long labor period
- Induced labor
- Breech birth
- Jaundice
- Other birth trauma
- Vaccines/inoculations
- Mercury/lead/other metal poisons
- Post birth trauma/illness/surgery
- Sensory deprived environment in early life (usually institutions)
- Food intolerances/allergies
- Illness or head injury at any point in life

These are the most commonly found causes, though there are probably even more. It can be really hard to tell sometimes, and often more than one has occurred.

I take it this is a child of yours that has SPD. Is it diagnosed? There is a great Sensory Learning Program in Flint. I have severe SPD myself and had many of those early problems that led to it. I haven't been to that center, but my uncle lives in Flint. I live in Ypsilanti.

If you're interested, there is an online support group that just went up for people in Michigan: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/SPDMichigan/ . I realize that won't work as a link, but you can copy/paste it up top if you want.

Good luck and best wishes to you guys.
Ypsilanti, MI

Jun 19, 2008
Multiple Causes
by: Maraiah

I have read somewhere (I think the name of the book was "Raising a Sensory Smart Child or something on the lines of that) that there are many causes. I few that I remember are hereditary, premature birth, and drug use while pregnant. Try looking for that book because it was really informative!!!.
Hope that helps,
Maraiah DeCol
Sandy, UT

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