OT for SPD and Anxiety. What to expect?

by Allison
(Massachusetts, USA)

Hi Everyone,

My 19 month old daughter has been in early intervention since 13 months old for a communication delay. She was recently diagnosed with both SPD and anxiety. She starts occupational therapy next week.

Her problems are relatively minor. She has difficulty in crowded or new environments and with noises. She hits other children who are in close proximity to her and has other non-positive behaviors around children. She becomes visibly anxious with stimuli like this and if we don't get her out of the situation quickly, we end up with a full blown melt down.

I'm feeling lost and very over whelmed by this whole thing. To me, she's just my perfect, albeit quirky, toddler. Two hours a week of speech and occupational therapy is making my mind spin.

What's in store for us? What should I expect going forward? I'm so completely new to this and would love all of your stories, suggestions, and comments. Thank You!

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