I work with a little boy who is almost four and in special preschool. He has sensory processing issues and speech/language issues. We are going to evaluate for ASD soon. His main concerns are: following directions as asked instead of doing things on his terms, does not engage with peers much but will start and adults are ok, follows a routine but still does not know where to go in his room during choice time and needs PECS and adult assist to do this (great memory though). He whines and may say no, but will now comply and do what is asked most of the time. My question, he licks cars, bricks, windows, and mouths his dogs bones. He eats most everything and shows no tactile defensiveness with clothes, touch or textures. Why is he then licking like that? We do not see it at school at all. He does constantly pick his nose, but that has decreased giving him a squishy ball with small holes to poke. Any help would be great. Thanks. Bonnie O.T. banderson@eatonisd.org

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Mar 14, 2011
by: Steve Faherty

Its interesting that he mouths at home and not at school. I wonder if he is getting reinforcement at home for it, and how it is treated at school. It may be helpful to use chew stixx from www.chewstixx.com or Chewy Tubes from www.chewytubes.com There is also P's and Q's that can be hung around his neck which will meet his oral sensory needs more appropriately. faherty2@cox.net

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