Our 8 year old daughter Hannah

by Elaine
(North Carolina)

Our daughter Hannah is 8 years old and will start third grade in a few weeks.

She didn't start walking until she was 1 1/2 years old, slept with Mommy and Daddy until she started school, ate baby food (usually by force even then) until she was almost 3. She too has never eaten her own birthday cake.

She received occupational therapy for a mild case of sensory processing disorder for about a year when she was younger - ages 2 and 3.

She is an extremely picky eater (she'll eat chips and crackers, nuggets and fries, milk and water) and is very shy...especially around adults.

She is finally learning to swim this summer and we are very proud of her!:-) She is very intelligent and sleeps in her own bed. She loves school and gets great grades.

She is so afraid to try new foods and I think it may be time for more occupational therapy. I do not want other children to start picking on her because of her "quirks."

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