Our Miracle Baby - I cried when I read posts on this site!

by Beverley
(Coastal NC)

first day of Preschool

first day of Preschool

I cried tears of acknowledged frustration with behavior that has been just a bit off since birth. At 41, I had given up on becoming a mommy. We had been married for ten years and nothing. Long story short, Ronnie was born July 2005 by C-Section due to several complicating factors (all mine). We immediately had a difficult time breast feeding and after a week he had lost almost 3 lbs! Formula took care of that but he threw everything up all the time. He never took a pacifier but I thought I was just lucky.

As his 2nd birthday approached, we noticed he was not babbling like others his age and he exhibited some autistic behavior (lining cars up but not really playing with them, etc.). I have to fight to brush his teeth and hair. He is frantic about taking a bath (although he often plays quite a while after he gets in). He screams when his juice cup is wet from condensation. He ALWAYS fought when he needed a diaper change (so glad he's potty trained!). I could go on.

Everyone overlooked these little behavior issues and chalked the banging into people (and pets) as just being a boy. To actually find a reason for this behavior as well as treatment options is such a huge relief! I thought I have been a terrible mother and it was my fault. Now we can address the real issues! Thank you!

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