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My twelve year old daughter has SPD she seems very lazy and wont get off the computer she HATES exercise and moves very awkwardly. yet she still loves to play on the playground and she is almost 13. she was a very quirky baby startling at EVERY noise. her dad would have to bounce her on a yoga ball for hours to get her to go to sleep. as a toddler she had NO sense of danger and would climb everything but she fell off everything she climbed you could NOT take her out in public as she would get SO overwhelmed and scream forever in kindergarten she had no friends and could not dress herself or catch a ball she always seemed to be falling. she did not dress herself until eight and to this day cant catch a ball. she can spin forever and not get dizzy and enjoys doing it she touch's people way to hard and writes way to hard too. when she 's moving she tenses her muscles and always walks on her tiptoes. she seems to have no idea where her body is in space she LOVES swinging and spinning and everything that goes fast. to this day the shopping mall gives her panic attacks. what should i do? she was not diagnosed until recently because we kept doubting that anything was wrong with her and isn't she a little old for OT? she would probably love it but i don't know if ot's treat anyone over 10.

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