Out of control emotions

by sheila
(carstairs, AB Canada)

My son is 7 years old and since he was a toddler has had very loud wailing emotional outbursts. This seems to happen at the drop of a hat and can take a while to talk him down enough to even be able to understand what he is saying. We talk about feelings and how he is feeling, but honestly I wish i could do more to help him. He has melt downs in school, home and everywhere. He was diagnosed with ADHD and OD and behavior problems. But after reading the checklist I find that a lot of his issues are more fitting to SPD and never have heard of it before. I am glad to find some answers that dont make me feel like a failure as a parent and that maybe now I can get some proper help for my child. Thank you.

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Jun 08, 2010
Reader Comments: Out of control emotions
by: Anonymous

Our oldest son is also 7 years old and his situation sounds identical to your son's. Right for the beginning he has always been extremely emotional and as a baby he was diagnosed with colic that lasted until he was about 6mths old. He has since been diagnosed with anxiety disorder but the it just never seemed to fit his situation.

We have been able to structure things at home so that we have seemingly normal life but school has been an extremely challenge situation for him. He has melt downs 2-3 at week and needs to be removed from class and he constantly shouts out and argues with his teachers and other students. At the end of the day he can't even explain what happened and/or why but he's sad that it did.

I came across SPD yesterday and it was definitely an "Ah ha moment" for my wife and I. After reading several similar stories about parents and their children we finally found something that made sense. Now we feel like we are armed with some real information that we can apply.

Thanks to everyone for your comments/stories.

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