Over 50 and Finally Relizing My Quirks are Related to SPD

by Sheryl Herres
(Brandon, FL)

For years I've felt "different" when I've told people that my ears actually hurt when they raise there voice; or why I have slept with a pillow over my head since I can remember; or why I prefer to start drive on a trip around 2:00AM because driving for long distance in the day hurts my eyes; or complaining to my husband that the smell of his cologne actually makes me feel like I'm going to throw-up; or why I am over-sensitive to my husband's joking, that I take as mean spirited personal "jabs; believing that I have a separate ADHD; and having issues with letter/word recognition or over-whelmed and having difficulty with being able to easily process too many words or visual patterns by being diagnosed with dyslexia. My daughter told me about the symptoms of SPD and my eyes filled with tears as I felt that I could finally breathe a sigh of relief to know that I’m not alone and I can get some help working through this.

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