Overhelmed and getting tipped

by Kikky

Not sure where else to put this other than in this site, because I have not be able to find anything anywhere about these issues I have. Firstly, when going to new places where the environment is big, vast and overwhelmingly different such as going to the mountains with lakes; the great vastness of big, big mountains all around me with big, big, very big bodies of beautiful lakes in amoungst the mountains, combined with the very long stretches of very, very windy roads and cliffs or sharp drops on one side of the road...all these overwhelm my senses to the point that I literally am off my car seat and on the floor with my head swimming all over the place.

I do have a fear of heights, sharp angled heights like standing on the balcony of the 17th floor, looking down and unable to move because I feel that I will be pulled over the edge and fall to the ground. But when on top of a mountain and seeing how far up I am...that does not bother me. Go figure. I also have a fear of heights. Never had this up until I took swimming lessons as an adult and almost drowned. Had nightmares about this for 20 years; even to the point of taking a shower where the temperature of the shower water was the same temperature as the swimming pool water...this would briefly scare me and I would quickly snap out of it. T

oday, I have no nightmares, temperature does not bother me, but cannot swim because I will definitely get pulled in and drown. Any thoughts from anyone on this. Does anyone else get overwhelmed like this?

Second issue is very new and have no idea where this came from. When driving and making right hand turns, I feel the vehicle is going to tip over. I have to almost be at a stand still to make the turn. What is with that anyways? Again, any thoughts from anyone. Has anyone else experienced this?

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