Pacifier and other oral issues

by Mandy
(Alabaster, AL)

My 4yr old son (5 in Jan.) has sensory processing disorder. We have been able to correct several of these issues through OT. For instance he would never have played in sand or grass, but now although he does need to rinse his hands or wipe them often, he really enjoys messy activities.

We have had absolutely no luck with any of his oral issues though. He still uses his "passie" he will suck on shirts, walls, fences, windows, etc. I worry about all of these for several reasons like germs, stares, and he once swallowed a button from his shirt.

We have tried all of the chew toys that the OT gave us, he doesn't like them. He has also bitten several in half or into pieces very quickly. He will no try gum or chewy candies he thinks they are medicine (which is a terror in my house). Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm trying to break my 2yr old daughters pacifier habit, but that's really hard when her older brother still gets his. Also he will eat no creamy foods, he likes thinks like mac and cheese but no puddings,jello, mashed potatoes. Any ideas for working on this too?

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Jun 11, 2020
The pacifier is probaby a stimming device
by: Anonymous

I think your child's pacifier is probably a stimming device because I saw a 5/12 year old Girl on YouTube use it for stimming one video comment said
"My younger brother is about 15 now and still uses a pacifier.

Pacifier doesn't have to equal baby, It's just a comfort tool." (Darwin Richardson)

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