Pacifier Help

by Heather

Hello all. My DD had her 5 year check up today. The doctor seems to think that she needs to lose the pacifier. I explained to her about my concern with her putting other objects in her mouth. When I previously tried to remove it she mouthed anything and everything she could...including, thumbs, shopping carts, checkout counters, rocks...whatever could get in her mouth. Considering she was getting sick I was concerned about germs and bacteria from those objects so I let her have her pacifier back. She is slowly weaning herself from it. Primarily needs it when she is upset or tired. While she is academically very bright, emotionally she is still very young. My theory is that emotionally she is not ready to get rid of it. I am homeschooling so I don't have to worry about school. She also recently had her dental checkup and the dentist did not voice any concerns about her teeth. So, does anyone have any experience with this issue. Also, before you say it, I have tried the chewy necklaces and the chewy stix and they do nothing for her...she won't use them. I appreciate all advice and opinions. I am still learning. Thank you.

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