Pants and Underwear Sensitivity

by Brianna
(United States)

I was struggling to go through all of the other topics at once, so I apologize for asking something that may have already been answered. I might recommend folders or something to organize by the types of topics you answer.

But to my main point, this is regarding me. I'm sixteen years old. When I was little, I used to throw tantrums over wearing underwear and had a lesser but still bothersome sensitivity to socks. For YEARS, I didn't have to deal with it. I wore pants and underwear normally, not "feeling" the touch of the clothing.

Around a year ago, however, the sensory started to go crazy again. It's dreadfully distracting and overtime, it has been wearing me thin emotionally and mentally regarding the topic. I just recently had a little meltdown in the morning because of it to my mother. I had to quickly compose myself, though, since we were on the way to school.

Considering the importance of both of these articles of clothing, I HAVE to wear them. There's no way for me to avoid it. I dread having to get dressed every day just because of it and I've been getting more and more desperate for any good fix. I wish there was a cure or SOMETHING to give me a quick result. I feel like I can't stand it much longer.

I want to wear clothes and feel normal again. In high school especially, I want to be a little fashionable, but I can't because I'm so limited on clothing that is a little less intolerable. And it's embarrassing that I always have to pick at my crotch to try to adjust the clothing whether I'm in public or not.

I'm so tired, and I have no clue what to do. I don't want just a little less intolerability, I want to be free again! This issue has been dominating my thoughts for a long while; please, if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. I feel like I've been trying to do a lot. Acupuncture, skin-brushing, new brands and types of fabric for clothing, etc.

I don't want to feel constantly frustrated and miserable when I wear clothes.

Please help me! I really need it, and I'm reaching high levels of desperation. I want to be able to focus on school, not how uncomfortable underwear and pants are.

Thank you!

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