Parent of a dyslexic

by Jean
(El Paso, Texas )

We have lots of allergies on all sides of family - had a child who was a pickey eater, disliked mashed potatoes and hates taste of asparagus. Had one case of projectile vomiting as a baby. Learned tonsils and membranes were swollen due to food allergies, and were eliminated after child went on allergy shots.

Could cases of GERD actually be associated with newly discovered (since the 80's) of having swallowing difficulties due to esonphilic esophogiltis? is currently doing a study since 2007 through October of 2014 with the use of Singular in children to see if this helps and/or eliminates the problem. Father developed problem but was never referred for swallowing problem. He was prescribed adult Singular and problem disappeared. It is said to be a rare condition, but believe it is a lot more prevalent than one believes. There is also a paradox that foods that children are allergic can be craved. I believe there is a connection to the pickey eater - the other condition leads to poor weight for size and height - has always been a condition that existed in grandson - just got discovered at 13 and fits the "failure to thrive" syndrome - currently on an elimination diet, and is eating much better, and feels much better - now to discover the real culprits - what foods he is allergic to. If you think your child fits these descriptions, see a pediatric gastrointernist. Then work with a board-certified allergist. The two together can change the outcome.

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