Parent of Adult Child with SPD

My daughter is now 20 years old. She still has poor motor skills and so does not know how to use a blow dryer or curling iron. Whenever she is watching TV and something that deals with strong emotions or sounds, she covers her ears or hides her face behind a blanket. I watch as she does this. She has always had odd behaviors. After reading the checklist to her she said that she is very excited to know that there is a name for her "weirdness".

My daughter also has ADD and learning disabilities. I always remember when her kindergarten teacher was concerned because my daughter played away from the rest of the kids. I asked her teacher if she appears happy. Her teacher said "yes" and so I told her that we shouldn't worry just yet. She didn't start walking until she was 17 months and was not potty trained until she was 3. She was always falling off of chairs and bouncing off doorways. We all giggled including my daughter. I have always known there was more to my daughter's diagnosis than just ADD and learning disabilities. I am going to see if I can have her evaluated by an OT because she is everything on the checklist.

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