by Sad but wiser mom

My son was diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction when he was 9. One of our biggest concerns was his proprioceptive dysfunction. He would practically sit on top of me when we sat beside each other on the couch.

One afternoon when he was chronologically 13 but functionally 7, he was carrying his three-year-old cousin on his hip and he had his face right next to hers. An older couple 70 yards away saw him and determined that he must be that close so he could kiss her on the mouth.

They ended up calling the police who then accused him of sexually molesting his cousin. My son was deemed incompetent, so we could never explain the situation and exonerate him on the record.

Take proprioceptive dysfunction seriously and do all you can to educate others. Nowadays, most people put the worst light on any behavior they see -- and suspect just about every adolescent boy of evil intent and cunning.

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