by Marie Coe
(Kalamazoo, MI)

From dealing with my 5 year old with auditory and conduct issues I am extremely disappointed in occupational therapists in my area. Also my insurance for not covering centers that can help to occupational therapists being ill equipped to cope with the auditory issus and trying to drag him in for conduct issues only.

I suspect his conduct issues are a direct response to his auditory issues. In other words figure out how to work with him on his auditory issues the conduct issues will go down. My suspician is that he really has APD which I am having a hard time getting somebody to diagnose so I can get on the schools and teachers. Am caught in the one place that will do APD testing won't do it until he is 8.

Problem is he gets into trouble for related issues now. SO why can we not deal with it now instead of wait and make him struggle for 2 more years.

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