Parental Education on dealing with SPD children

by Jennifer
(Boston, MA)

My four year old daughter was recently diagnosed with SPD, more specifically Motor Planning. I see many things in our two year old that leads me to believe he will have similar issues. Anyway, the "melt downs" my daughter experiences, over seemly minor issues, have rapidly increased and my husband and I are at a complete loss as to how to deal. We live in the Boston area and are actively trying to find help. We have had her neuro psyc evaluation and the OT evaluation done. they can't start OT until the fall (although we may have to look elsewhere) so we're left to figure things out for ourselves for now.

Can anyone out there tell me if there any classes of sorts that help parents like us learn how to deal with this in a more productive way than nature has equipped us with. Our frustration levels are high and patience is low...not a good combo! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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Jun 16, 2010
Sensory Learning Program
by: SensoryOT

The summer is a great time to look in to this intervention: The Sensory Learning Program. Go to

Jun 14, 2010
by: mary

I am not sure which part of the Boston area you live in, but i live south of boston and have found an excellent OT. it is South Shore Therapies, it is privately owned by a woman named Stacey but is covered by most insurances. Not only have they helped my daughter (4 years old) but they have helped me tremendously, just having the support of a professional who is on my daughter's team I think has helped. At least 3 of the OT's actually have SPD, and they have soooo... many resources free in the office, they also hold "meetings" once a week for only parents that cover different topics ... they are also free. I LOVE them. They have an office in Weymouth and in Pembroke.

I can't say enough about this place for parents and children.

please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

good luck!!!!! -- my advice take a deep breath, walk away then just love hugs!!!!

Jun 11, 2010
a book that may help
by: Luna

Called the Explosive Child by Dr. Ross Greene, helped me a lot. My sensitive kids are 19 and 16 now. Good luck.

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