Parenting my 5 year old w/ SPD discovering what I have had my whole life

by Angela

I know know that I was misdiagnosed my whole life. Dysthymia, depression, anxiety. Never was I screened for ADHD, SPD, SID. Not one person even thought about it when talking to me. It is plain for me to see after reading more about it as my son is being screened I see myself. The only difficulty is we have some of the same needs and some on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I am a single parent and finding it extremely difficult to meet his needs without causing severe distress in myself. He needs touch almost constantly, I can only handle so much and certain types. His needs are mismatched with my own and I have no one else to depend on to do thing things I cannot tolerate. I don't know where to turn as it seems the area I live in pigeon holes you to ADHD and not SID or SPD.

I have to work and my work over stimulates my auditory sense to the point I am crawling out of my skin when I get home and I can't take another touch or loud noise. Then I have to get my son who wants to climb on me or to rough house to get his needs met. I can't take it without cringing. He needs to feel loved when he seeks not repelled. I don't know how to manage it. I need to change careers but don't know how to make ends meet to do it.

UGH! Overwhelmed and not sure where to go.

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