Part of my story

by Danny
(Mentor,oh 44060)

Amen to your story. Boy can I relate to being a rebellious person. I believe in living and let live. So why don't people mind their own business as I mind mine. As to being unorganized ha. Most unorganized person on earth I'm told.

I have den. Which is mine and mine alone. Anyone ready for garage sale? I am ashamed that I cannot get it cleaned up. Just don't know what to toss. Oh, I've had so many suggestions as to how to clean it up. Could write a book on how . Doing it is another thing. Changing schools, apartments, friends more times than I care to tell you.

My stepfather was an alcoholic so we moved and we moved. Went to one school 3 years then bounced from 12 schools until 7th grade then finished high school same school. Being in an alcoholic home I never knew what to expect from my parents.I had to be ready to hide from their explosive arguments. My being deaf made things worse because I feared more of not knowing what that noise really meant as they fought sometimes behind closed doors.

I had absolutely no confidence in anything I did and was never correct in anything I did or said. I didn't have thoughts that were my own, nor feelings. If I expressed how I felt, oohh you shouldn't feel like that. But truth was I did. I had to keep it to myself. Be a man, boy!

Therefore I am a loner. Married, with children and grandchildren. And still a loner. Married woman who would not support her spouse. Not in many ways. Was always wrong. Same as when a child. My thoughts cannot be shared. I find trouble expressing sometimes and even communicating with humans.

For now, thank you for listening. Feel like perhaps this journey may explain some things that I can correct.

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