Paying For Therapy By Building My Own Website?

First, let me thank you girls for the fabulous information that you have online. I have read most of it and cannot tell you how great it is to have others share the problem with you.

Next, I am having to consider a career change--from a traveling interior designer--to something that can allow me to be home more to help my child.

I am considering a website and would like your opinion on Site Built It.

I know it's a personal question, but is it possible to make enough money for me to leave my current job and consider online. I truly need the extra money to help pay for the therapy and testing, but don't want to leave my day job unless you tell me that it's possible to do.

Do you recommend Site Build It?

Thanks so much again for the fabulous information you share. I am truly sorry that your own personal experience with an spd child has not worked out like you'd hoped. I will pray for you and your child for things to improve.

I would appreciate very much your sharing your website experiences with me. Thanks again.

Billie Nance

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Hi Billie

Site build it is an excellent way to start earning income online as it provides ALL the tools you need to get a site online up and running, and continue to build it for years to come. It is also perfect for someone who has no experience in web design and the technical aspects of building, maintaining, getting found by the search engines, etc. That being said, it CAN replace a full time job, but not right away. It takes some time to build up a content site and have it get indexed and ranked (which is HUGELY important). So you must be willing to commit at least part time and expect it to take at least a couple of years to replace a full time job income.

Now, that said... I am curious what "subject" the site would be about? Some are better than others, but Site Build It even gives you the tools to figure that out, as well as the best pages to write about within your topic. If you want an opinion on

a particular "niche", you can email me via the contact us form for some input. But, YES, I highly recommend Site Build It. I knew NOTHING about computers nor website building and my hard work, and following the manual has finally paid off. It is SO rewarding, personally! Online provides a wonderful opportunity for extra income, then as it grows, eventually replacing a job! But, it is slow, depending on your niche. For example, SPD is not as popular as say the big boys on the net. But, passion is what it is all about. If you have the passion, the money will come.

Have you checked out the information on Site Build It by clicking on my "Powered By Site Build It" link at the bottom of the pages? This will get you where you need to go to find out what you need to do as well as purchase it if/when you decide to do so. I will tell you it is an annual fee... but WELL worth every penny. It takes all the technical stuff out of it. I have tried building sites with and without it and wouldn't trade Site Build It for the less expensive ones, EVER! They also continually grow it and provide wonderful tools you can use. It is always changing for the best. It is the ONLY way I would ever go, given all I know now!!

So, if you want to talk more about it email me. But know that I highly recommend it and encourage you to pursue it. Just know the first year or two may be slow going, financially, as you build it, but the tools they provide you will help you build a stable financial future, for sure! If you do the work, it will work. "If you build it, they will come." Just follow the manual to a "t"!

I hope this helps you make your decision. I think it is a great idea to be home more with your son/daughter and be able to get him/her the help he/she needs! That, in itself, will be invaluable! Email me if you need anything else, or comment below and I can help further.

Site Build It is the way to go!

Good luck!!
Michele Mitchell

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Dec 23, 2007
Hi Billi
by: Anonymous

I'd start part time and see if there is a market. Some people can make lots of money off the web and some can't. Can you do other things to supplement your income such as baby sitting for the time being and working on your site when your child is asleep at night.
Use your library it's free and full of information.

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