PDD and feeding problem such as unable to chew

by helplease

Hello, I have a 3 yo old son who was diagnosed with PDD and also doesn't chew. We do have ABA program with ST, OT, PT but seems like he is not progressing. He is stocked with mashed food. When we took him to special feeding program they say his tongue is too far back and we need to learn how to feed him properly. He uses a defense mechanism they say. He also doesn't hold any fruits and veggies and never puts anything in his mouth. We use Z-vibe, NUK brush, tooth brushing, nothing is helping. I need help. If anybody has had similar problems please respond. Any ideas onwhat else can i do please.

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May 03, 2010
All i can say....
by: Anonymous

is, my son has had a feeding issue, sensory based to say the least.

I had him to the feeding clinic, combined with OT, and he reintroduced a couple of his old foods, but It really doesn't seem to matter. Hes cut out all but 2-3 foods.

I think ALSO, besides the HUGE sensory issues they have, i think, that in their world its the ONLY thing our poor babies have control over.
So you put oral sensory combined with that, and ...We get no where.

I did read an article from a boy who is now 18, i believe, and he said he was the same way, but now that he is older he eats almost anything, and parents shouldn't push them and worry so much.
The more i push and worry the less he eats.
So, i took him to the Dr. and he is at 50 percentile in growth and weight.

So im not going to push him, he needs to feel as if he has some control over his life.
I give him liquid vitamins and liquid fish oil everyday. He isn't STARVING to death, he just eats more of the few things he eats.
Lets see what happens with them!

Im an Italian food pusher, so you can imagine my angst! This kills me, but i realized how my 6 yr. old must feel, when everything he does is dictated, school and therapies, ya know??

Good luck and God Bless you and your family, Kim

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