People's voices

by Su
(Davenport, Ia )

Help! ! I have nearly gone wild when two separate people talk. One is female and the other Male. I can literally feel myself transform. I'm a nurse, so this makes me so "Physicist nuts "Physicist that I cannot think, hear well, my anxiety is off the chart. Supposedly, I have ADULT ADHD. I'm so confused more than ever.

Sunlight really irritates my eye s so much that I cannot pay attention to another because I HAVE to try to get that bright sun away. Moodiness is extremely common. I have lost great jobs because o"their concern about my moods "Physicist Well, that's some of it in a nutshell. Is shyness any part of this? ? I grew up painfully shy. Thnx! !way too many times I'd rather be alone. A very high pitch doesn't bother me all the time, but, when I can hear others i cannot. Yes, I have self medicated for years, not as much at present. Am I just a weirdo?

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