Personal Space

by Nicole
(Calgary Canada)

Whenever we are around people, especially other children my five year old son is always in there personal space. He like to poke, squeeze, get right up to their faces. I don't think he realizes that it is bothersome even after being told. I don't think he has add or anything because he can focus, it's just so much harder when others are around. Help, this is real bothersome for me.

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Aug 01, 2012
Personal space
by: marjory glasgow UK

I can sympathise with you both. My son has same symptoms. he was diagnosed with reduced proprioception by a occupational therapist when he was 5yrs old.
Look up proprioception and have a look.

Jul 30, 2012
My daughter is always in someone's "personal space"
by: Anonymous

I go through this everyday and it is so exhausting not to mention nerve-racking when dealing with strangers. We are trying to work with her regarding this but it's so hard.

Keep re-inforcing the desired behavior (respecting others personal space) and hopefully one day it will catch on.

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