Phil Jones

by Phil Jones
(Devon, England )

I only discovered proprioceptive function yesterday, 26th October 2018.

I posted a question on a forum about whether others ever felt the wrong way round in their body.

The responses were fascinating.

I'm on my way to 60 and for one never knew this was a thing, but never realised that my innate clumsiness that set me apart from NTs was a result of a clinically recognised issue.

I've gone through my whole life, collecting scars and bruises. I've NEVER been able to hit a ball, be that football, golf ball cricket ball. Hitting a nail or splitting wood has always been a challenge.

When I read the lists of symptoms it was like a life story.

I've lost jobs, or quit from pressure, felt ostracised and generally been miserable for chunks of my life because I was a useless clumsy idiot.

Now oddly enough as my eyesight has deteriorated my ability to catch has improved. So I am now actually pretty damned good at catching a thrown ball. So much so that it actually thrills me.

I guess that as my ability to input visual data has lessened that my perception of my body is getting a better signal without the visual interruptions.

I still bash my head on things, door frames are particularly annoying. I mean the damned thing is to the side of my body and I can turn out of a doorway and hit my head. There's effectively 6 inches of body between the frame and my head that fades into an electron cloud and ceases to be there so my head suddenly is my extreme edge. Clunk. Another scar and bruise for the collection.

Rofl... (bangs leg on table..) :D

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