Picks food from sight

by Katherine
(Rio Rancho, New Mexico)

My son is 26 months and will only eat foods he decides he might want just by appearance. He was diagnose with gerd-silent refluxer, disphagia, and had aspirating issues at 5 months.

His reflux seems to be under control with zantac but we continue to deal with eating due to the trauma during his refluxing and aspirating as a baby. We did do a feeding clinic for 1 year but are still dealing with alot of the same issues.

He also had enlarged adenoids 90% blockage and chronic ear infection which tubes where placed and we still are having issues with blockage of tubes--might need surgery again to replace blocked tubes.

Just recently we have placed my son on megace to try to increase his appetite which seems to be working he has gain 3 pounds. He is now on the growth chart, just at the 4% but at least he is on it now.

In the past few weeks he has started vomiting again, GI took x-ray and says he was completely backed up so we are now giving him miralax, it seems to be working his appetite has increase but he is still gagging before and after eating but not all the time and he had one episode of vomiting.

Back to the visual eating, I can put veggies on his plate and he will throw it off or start to cry for me to remove it. The only foods he eats are meat, cheese, milk, rice cakes, ranch dressing, ketchup, chips, beef jerky, sometimes he will eat M&Ms but only 1 or 2.

Help and suggestions please.

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Apr 25, 2009
worried mum of 15 month old daughter
by: Anonymous

hi I have found this website really helpful. I have a gorgeous daughter who is a little different. At present we have a working diagnosis of epilepsy, mild cerebral palsy and very likely SPD. My daughter would cry for up to 16 hrs a day had to be tightly held in fleece blanket to rest but only for 20 minutes then crying.

Wouldnt sleep at night. Apnea attacks, severe reflux, aspirating on milk only nw on puree at 15 months, was given duocal to gain weight. It worked now 27 pounds. She is very touch, sound sensitive becomes easily distressed. At present having physio gross motor skill delay. ot standing, pulling self up or cruising. we have asked for SPD assessment. thanks to everyone.

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