Picky Eatin' at its WORST!

by Deanna
(Crocker, MO)

My son is going on 7.. I want to say THANK YOU. We have had issues with him since he was crawling, and no idea, no answers.. THIS site, is what I took to the doctor, and FINALLY got the answers I needed. He has strong sensory issues, and melt downs once, to three times a day. =( Eating, though, is his worst. He eats only bread textures. Plain waffles, pancake, toast.. and Roman noodle soup. (?) I have rewarded him for trying other things, which takes hours of fighting, and bribing. Every time he gags and spits it out. Now, if the food doesn't look right, no way. He cuts off dark spots on pancakes, and refuses to eat if its just off a hair.

Our school is wonderful, taking him to OT/PT Therapy every week, and speech and anger management twice a week (He broke the principal's ankle this fall) His IQ Is perfect and his grades are amazing, but his temper and meltdowns cause him to get behind. We have had him prayed over, and the school problems have almost ceased.!! I still deal every day with his eating, I feel HORRIBLE that he eats dry cereal as a dinner meal, but what else can I do?? He gets vitamins, and ensure.. Doc says he is getting what he needs.. I just want to say, it is very difficult, but to those in my shoes, hang in there!! I am going to use these tips to see if I can sneak him some similar foods.. maybe.. He notices EVERYTHING!

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Jan 31, 2013
question and idea
by: Mary

Hi, I am a mom of an 8 yr old with SPD. He is also an extremely picky eater. I have played around with a pancake that my son loves and it is high in protein. I mix gluten free pancake mix with chia seed, chocolate delicious greens, and Hemp protein powder. Let me know if you would like the exact amounts. (wont do it now if it's a for sure no way)

I have a question for you about the prayer you had for you son. I am a christian and have prayed over my son since he was in utero. However, I have not had him prayed for by a pray group through my church just because I was concerned that about the words that would be used etc. Could you tell me a little about how they prayed for your son? My son also has dealt with anxiety and he is very curious about angels and demons etc. Thanks

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