Playdough & salt

by Susan Barton
(Nottingham, UK)

My 5.5 year old daughter eats playdough at school & has done before at home until I stopped buying it. I have also found her with the salt container which she tips up & dabs the salt with her fingers licking it off...which again I try to keep her away from. We never add any salt to their food, but she does have snacks which contain salt.

When she was a toddler I sometimes found that she ate sand as well as mud/soil & on one occasion faeces (she didn't do it again though & hasn't eaten anything bad except the playdough & salt...I know this is familiar with PICA, but can you tell me if its anything else based on the above details such as SPD

My youngest daughter 2.5 is now showing similar signs too, she'll eat sand/mud & play dough if its available

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