Please help, 2 year, 9 month old very aggressive with 11 month old baby sibling

Hi... My 2 year old has always been easily overwhelmed (could not soothe as an infant, has always had trouble sleeping). She also suffers from anxiety. Frustration and anxiety skyrocketed when her baby sibling came along. She started yelling every time he would cry, coo, babble.

When he started to crawl she started becoming very aggressive. She gets very agitated when he comes near by, makes noises, even when he looks at her sometimes. She will scratch him, pinch, push, hit, scream. Obviously I try to intervene as quickly as possible but I feel so badly for him and for her because I know she is genuinely having a hard time coping.

We are doing everything we can to help her senses integrate but I'm not sure how much ot is helping. She wears compression shirts, has sensory toys to squeeze, bite, etc., we try to provide deep pressure whenever she is willing, we do movement activities. It seems like nothing really helps.

Has anyone dealt with this at such a young age? If so, is there a point or age when it starts to get better? It is extremely difficult for everyone in my family. Thank you

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