Please help me and my baby

by Lucretia

Aiden and Me at the lake the 4th of july

Aiden and Me at the lake the 4th of july

Ok my son is about to be 2 yrs old I was the happiest mommy alive when I had him I still am but with many stresses everyday is a new battle.

I have gone over the checklist and he shows 98% of the signs however I live in Alabama and I dont believe the Doctors out here believe in treating a child for anything mental under age 3. Let me tell you all of some of the things he does.

This all started back in July 2010 he was 15 months old. Out of nowhere he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming at the top of his lungs nonstop for about 15-30 mins then he would suddenly stop and lay back down like it never happened I asked his ped about it she said night terrors.. ok lets go with that I said until he started doing it during naps but a little more aggressiveness came with the nap fits such as him getting up kicking me pulling my hair slapping me the list goes on how can my 15 month old be kicking my butt!!!!

So time went on and still the Doctor is calling this night terrors saying it can happen anytime he is asleep.. Once again lets go with that.. until he started having these extremely horrible fits.. you guessed it while AWAKE!!! OMG he would scream for literally hours at a time for no reason hitting biting pulling hair etc.

So once again I addressed the issue with his Dr who could now not come up with a reason for the behavior but reassured me this too shall pass... Ok so lets pray I said because only God knows now what he needs...

Well as time went on the fits grew more and more raging and more and more violent he started picking up very heavy objects and chunking them at my head and he would go to any door and bang his forehead until it was blood red he still does this he rips out his hair by the hand fulls and bites himself.

I can tell him a million times not to do something and redirect him just as many from doing what he is doing and he will look at me like im stupid and do it anyway for example if I give him a cup (he refuses to drink from a sippy cup anymore) he will look at me and I will tell him "Aiden do not dump that drink out" and I will be darned if he will just tip that cup over and pour it out right as he looks me dead in my eyes laughing the whole time he is doing it!!!!!!!

He is extremely mean to our cat trying to choke her or pulling her hair hitting her

with hard objects (luckily she fights back) he will take his stuffed animals and bash them in their heads as well. Now I need to clarify that he has never been around any type of violence or seen anything like that on tv. I have prayed and asked the advice of many ppl I even obtained the help of a parent aide who specializes in helping parents with kids with behavior management problems and guess what folks even she was stumped by him.

When I called Children's Hospital in Birmingham Al and spoke with an intake worker for behavioral health they laughed at me saying there is no way a child of his age could be so misbehaved or destructive. I cry every night and my faith in God is being tested to the max I can not get any one to help me.

I was told about this site from my sons Parent Aide she seems to be the only one who is willing to help me find a reason even though I have stepped out of the program. Oh and let me not leave out the night I tried to read out of the bible to him he went berserk with every scripture I read trying to tear out the pages but when I would stop reading he would stop screaming and I cant even take him to church anymore because he screams the entire time we are there and we end up having to leave because it is a disturbance to the sermon (our church does not have a nursery due to finances).

He is always looking at certain spots in our house and talking to something I cant see its not real words but his own language I guess But it kinda freaks me out a little cause if I interrupt him or touch him he gives me this look like he could kill me where I stand. I really dont know what to do and if this is something he may have or not but I can tell you I have 4 other boys and have been around alot of children in my lifetime and I have never seen such defiance in a child at such a young age my other boys live with their dad and i get them in summer time so I know they are not an influence to him. can anyone please give me some answers or advice I have tried everything I know from time out to spanking (he laughs at me when I spank him as if it doesnt phase him at all) nothing seems to help. Oh and he has to smell everything he touches and put everything in his mouth. I think that just about covers it. So any positive advice or answers is greatly welcomed and very much appreciated.

Thank You,
Aidens Mommy

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Jul 13, 2017
by: Amanda Thompson

Reach out to a NAET TREATMENT CENTER there is one in Hoover Alabama also look into RPM THERAPY

Mar 09, 2011
Check Symptoms
by: Anonymous


As much as I am against medication sometimes it is necessary. I have done a lot of reading in the past to try and help my 6 year old with some behavioral issues and while doing that I read a lot about early onset Bipolar. From all what I read that you wrote, he has night terrors, mood swings, violence and mostly attacking animals violently..all those are symptoms of a bipolar disorder and trust me, you want to start early with treatment before he goes to school because then, you will be dealing with daily notes, suspension and more ! and if you don't treat him, they will hold an IEP and hold you liable for not treating him and may even remove him from the general education and place him in the "emotionally disturbed" placement. Start now please what you wrote is not how a normal 3 year old should be behaving..

Mar 03, 2011
Mom Seeking Help From Another Mom
by: Bridgid

Hi...My name is Bridgid and my son Michael is the same way. He is 3 now. It started when he was 2. I tried Intervention n anything possible. Even Child Services got in volved cause people that lived around me think that its me that abuses my child, when technically its my child that abuses me and himself!..(Believe it or not). Anyways, I was just wondering if you got an actual diagnosis for your child? Because I think it will help me to have a possible diagnosis for my son that I can suggest to a doctor. All I've ben getting is: Oh, He's only 3...He will grow out of it. Bullcrap!! I think that its more than just behavior..Please get back to me A.S.A.P I would really appreciate it. Thanx....

Feb 21, 2011
Seek out:
by: Steve Faherty

the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Feb 20, 2011
by: Letha Marchetti OTR/L

Dear Aiden's Mom,

God bless you and Aiden. I'm so glad you found this site.

It sounds to me as if Aiden is having a tremendous amount of difficulty dealing with his sensory environment. He may be uncomfortable with what is touching him. Try taking his clothes off, if he calms you'll know you are on the right track. Make sure he has no seems, tags, ridges or scratchy things touching his skin.

It sounds as if he is also hypersensitive to auditory stimulus. When he freaks, stop the stimulus. It's torture to him. Your local occupational therapist can direct you in how to use proprioceptive input to calm Aiden.

There is hope and help just ahead Dear. Get an experienced OT who is a match and you'll both improve.

Feb 19, 2011
Try Diet
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear what you're going through! I can only imagine how you must be feeling.

Have you tried making dietary changes? Some kids have food sensitivities that cause this type of behavior. I'd REALLY encourage you to explore this. The Feingold diet is an excellent place to start ( Their newsletter has great info as well as encouraging stories of kids (like your little guy) who have been greatly helped through dietary changes.

We've had GREAT success with removing gluten as well.

I know these types of changes feel overwhelming when you are just trying to survive everyday, but it really sounds to me like his little body is screaming for some help.

I'd also suggest reading good books on SPD like "The Out-of-Sync Child." Make sure he is getting plenty of proprioceptive input (jumping on a trampoline, riding a bike, swimming, etc.)

Keep seeking the Lord, His word and His wisdom. I have seen His faithfulness in our lives and I know He will prove Himself faithful in your life too.

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