Please Sleep :)

by Elizabeth


My son is 8 and has language delays with sensory seeking behaviors and for the love of everything cute HE DOES NOT SLEEP!
It's not like we fight or anything ... he just can't sleep.
He will come out for the occasional delay, like water or if his feet are too hot ( my personal favorite delay) :)

We made him a weighted blanket. He has music. We bought him an indoor jumper for Christmas thinking that should put a dent in his energy...

We have tried everything but medicine. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge about this.
I could really use some :)

Thank you

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May 23, 2013
sleep disorders
by: maria

Hi, my son has SPD and dyspraxia amongst a few other issues. Since BIRTH we have had problems with him not being able to fall asleep (despite saying that he is tired!) in the end he would have to sleep in our room, get to sleep about 1130 pm and feel really tired at school the next day His progress in school was effected by it and it was a really stressful sitution for the whole family.

When he was diagnosed with SPD everything changed for us. WE bought a weighted blanket (110lb) and also he now takes melatonin (circadin) The transformation has been phenominal! He is now alseep by 8.30pm and sleeps through until about 5am. He is much happier in himself and has really progressed at school due to not being tired all the time.

I know that it is a scary thought to try meds with children, but the paediatrician who sees my son explained that in some children with neurological disorders relating to SPD, autistic spectrum disorders etc there can be a problem with melatonin production which is the hormone the brain produces at night time when it is 'dark' so that the brain can switch to its'sleep mode'. With the melatonin tablet my son is able to feel sleepy (which he never was able to do before) whilst not feeling groggy or 'hung over' in the morning. it has literally transformed his quality of life.

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