Pork- Chop

by Mark Tuttle
(Boston, Ma. 02111)

Studing (Playing

Studing (Playing

Hi, Well Ill Make this short and simple and straight o he point. I cant stand my girlfriends (Of 30 Years. Never married her.) Voice? (When she first comes to my house.) I don't understand it. I LOVE her. BUT:.... When she first comes in... Its like shes using a damn Megaphone!! I immediately tell her to "SHUT UP"! BUT she just keeps on YACKING! I have to keep telling her & then she either gets mad or her feelings get hurt.I tell her: "Talk like Melinie Griffin". I tell her You need your ears blowed out,Please go to Mass. Ear, Eyes & Throat and get a check-up...Please. She goes ehy should I Youre the one with the problem,...So Ive tried to NOT say nothing but I cant stand it & eventually have to interrupt her over & over again. I don't notice it when were outside only when were in my (Small) Room. Is it Me? I don't know? It happened in the drug store also with somebody else once... I said to the pharmacist lady "Why you talking so loud?( Her Co- workers laughed) I think it perturbed her. I also have "Sensitive skin. I cant use certain Deodorants. I also have sensitive Ol Factory(Smell.) I also have sensitive emotions... (Don't Tell) But certain movies or music make me cry. I watch the news. Certain things on the news make me cry. Am I Just A Big Ole Sissy in Every way?? Anybody else have some of these problems or am I a Freak? Thank You for listening. Pork - Chop

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