Positive side to SPD?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any upsides to having SPD?

I have it and this fact seems to be perceived as a terrible thing. I can't stand touch, love noise, can't stand most food textures/combination of textures, I often have feelings like I am unbalanced if I touch something with one hand and not the other. There must be some good side??

Also wondering if its common for SPD to grow with you, certain things have become more tolerable and less tolerable over time. Whilst were on the subject, is there a way to manipulate that and stop the SPD sensations related to everyday things?-Especially were touch is involved I want a future with a good relationship!

If anyone knows how to broaden the horizons with texture's of food that would be great!

I have never had any therapy or treatment for SPD I only just found out you could so I'm quite new at trying to tackle my SPD-A physio just recommended a book called the out of sync child to me during a dyspraxia test and things never went any further.

I am over 18 now so passed the developing stages I know but every little helps right!

Thank you sorry for all the questions.

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