Potentially might have SPD?

by Skye

I would always think my habits of having to constantly turn the brightness down on my devices or turning off lights around the house were just little habits that i’d grow out of but these couple of months show other wise. The more this quarantine lasted the more i noticed that things my family wouldn’t really notice seemed to bother me more and more.

Whether it be the volume on the T.V, the feelings of certain fabric textures, me constantly having to wear gloves while washing dishes because i hated the wet feeling on my hands (i practically can’t clean anything without my gloves or i’ll freak out), certain smells started to become stronger on my nose, and i’ve always had problems with eating other foods because of their texture.

I always tell my parents about it but it’s always put off as me being dramatic. I’ve started to question if it might be ADHD or potentially Autism since i know they have overlapping symptoms. my brother is the only one who is professionally diagnosed with Autism so i don’t really understand how my experiences don’t seem valid enough to look into.

Maybe i’m overreacting??? Idk

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