Potty training special needs child

by virginia
(wilmer, Al ,USA)

My great grand daughter is now 7 almost 8 and is a walking miracle as at 3 months old she had an accident and over 50% of her brain is gone. we were told she would never walk, talk or anything but be a vegetable.

But she can do just about anything she wants now. She talks, but still has a little problem communicating. Her story is one of the most amazing you would ever hear about. But too long for this message.

We have one problem and that is getting her to use the potty. She will get on the toilet and tell you Pee Pee, etc and even get toilet paper to wipe herself. But she will not use it no matter how many times you put her on or even play with her babies using it. If you let her run without a diaper, she will go get one and hand it to you and then use it as soon as she gets it own. She has gone as much as 3 hours without using the potty until she gets her diaper own.

My daughter says she also has OCD and among other problems and if we could just get her to use the potty once, she believes she will go from then on. Like I said she is a miracle child and it amazes the doctors as to what all she can do. Please help with any advice that you think may help us get her potty trained. Thanks

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